Kanji 相川
Rōmaji Aikawa
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahiro Mizushima
English Todd Haberkorn? (UnCredited but it sure sound like him)
First Appearance
Anime Episode 20 - Ease Lovesickness

Aikawa (相川) is a boy who has a crush on Sasami Sasasegawa.

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Aikawa is a second-year boy from class 2-A who has a crush on Sasami Sasasegawa and suffers from lovesickeness because of this. In a letter from Lennon, Rin Natsume and Riki Naoe get a mission to ease Aikawa's lovesickeness. Rin tries to find out what kind of guy Sasami likes and makes a plan to bring Aikawa and Sasami together. For the first plan, Aikawa tries to defeat Kengo Miyazawa, who Sasami admires, while Rin and Riki distract him; but he fails. For the second plan, Aikawa sings a hip-hop song for Sasami, but this also fails. In the end, Rin manages to get Sasami's e-mail address for Aikawa after explaining the misunderstanding.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Aikawa means "phase" (相) (ai) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).
    • However, part of the name Ai can also mean also means "love, affection" (愛) or "indigo" (藍), so his name can be describe as "river of love".

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