Episode 04
Episode 04
English We'll Make a Happy, Sunny Place
Kanji 幸せのひだまりを作るのです
Rōmaji Shiawase no Hidamari o Tsukuru no desu
Release October 27, 2012
Running Time 25 Minutes
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We'll Make a Happy, Sunny Place (幸せのひだまりを作るのです, Shiawase no Hidamari o Tsukuru no desu) is the fourth episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on October 27, 2012. It is the first episode of Komari Kamikita's arc.

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Riki helps his classmate Kudryavka Noumi move her boxes into her new dorm room one afternoon. The next day, Riki goes to the roof looking for Komari to thank her in place of Rin for taking care of one her cats that was injured. He finds her asleep and hears her sleep-talk about her brother, but when Riki asks Komari about him, she says she is an only child and that her brother only appears in her dreams to read her a picture book with eggs and chicks. The next day, Riki and Rin go to the roof and find Komari a little sad. She had found the picture book from her dreams with the name Takuya Kamikita on the back, but her mother will not tell her anything about having a brother, and Komari cannot remember anything about him. Komari asks Riki and Rin to accompany her to a retirement home, and the other members of the Little Busters decide to join in as well. They spend time with the retirees, talking with them and cleaning their rooms. Riki cleans the room of a cross old man named Kojirou who normally scares anyone away by yelling at them, but Riki stays and cleans his room regardless. After he scares away Komari, Kojirou reveals his full name to be Kojirou Kamikita and tells Riki to keep her away from him.

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Important EventsEdit

  • Riki helped a newly arrived student named Kudryavka Noumi in moving her boxes to her new dorm room.
  • Komari told things about his brother Takuya to Riki for the first time.
  • An old man in the retirees named Kojirou, who is in fact Komari's grandfather, warned Riki to stay away from her.

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  • This episode marks the starting point of Komari's arc.

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