Episode 09
Episode 09
English Save the School Cafeteria!
Kanji 学食を救え
Rōmaji Gakushoku o Sukue!
Release November 30, 2012
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Save the School Cafeteria! (学食を救え, Gakushoku o Sukue!) is the ninth episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on November 30, 2012.

Short SummaryEdit

Riki and Rin receive another mysterious letter tied to the same cast as before, which says to "save the cafeteria". They go ask one of the lunch ladies if there are any problems, but she says nothing is wrong. However, all of the lunch ladies later do not show up to start preparing dinner due to various emergencies. Remembering the task from the note, Rin wants to make dinner for the whole school, so she goes around asking the other girls in the Little Busters to help. Riki, however, wonders how the writer of the note knew that this would happen. All of the Little Busters help prepare a few meal sets, and during the hustle and bustle of handing out the meals to students, Riki gets an attack of narcolepsy. Riki wakes up in his room, and Kyousuke comes to bring him back to the cafeteria, where everyone was waiting for him to start eating.

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Important EventsEdit

  • Riki and Rin received another task, which is to "save the cafeteria".


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