Episode 11
Episode 11
English Horrific No Ghost Meet Up
Kanji ホラー・NO・RYO大会
Rōmaji Horā No Ryo Taikai
Release December 15, 2012
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Horrific No Ghost Meet Up (ホラー・NO・RYO大会, Horā No Ryo Taikai) is the eleventh episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on December 15, 2012.

Short SummaryEdit

Kyousuke sets up a test of courage for the Little Busters in the school at night. After splitting up into three groups, each group takes turns going into the school to retrieve talismans left by Kyousuke, who has set up various traps within the school. The first group of Rin, Komari and Kudryavka are scared and find proceeding through the school to be difficult. The second group, consisting of Masato and Kengo, race to make it to Kyousuke's classroom first to retrieve the talisman. Yuiko leads the final group of her, Riki and Haruka around easily retrieving the talismans, but Yuiko lets Riki take the lead for the final one because she would rather be on the side doing the scaring. The Little Busters start taking notice of a large black mass they believe may be a real ghost, and attempt to corner it by flashing the lights and yelling. Upon catching it, they discover that it is in fact a large eagle that had followed Kyousuke back from Hokkaido years ago and had come back to see him. Having reunited, the Little Busters watch as the eagle flies away the next morning.

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Important EventsEdit

  • Kyousuke set up a test of courage to the Little Busters, which is to retrieve talismans left by him inside the school at night.
  • The final group (composed of Yuiko, Haruka, and Riki) retrieved the talismans while the first group were scared and the second group raced to Kyousuke's room to retrieve the talisman (which is somewhat a Masato vs. Kengo competition).
  • The gang noticed a large black mass and upon catching it, they found out that it was Kyousuke's former pet.


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