Episode 12
Episode 12
English Endless Blue Sky
Kanji 無限に続く青い空を
Rōmaji Mugen ni Tsuzuku Aoi Sora o
Release December 22, 2012
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Endless Blue Sky (無限に続く青い空を, Mugen ni Tsuzuku Aoi Sora o) is the twelfth episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on December 22, 2012. It is the first episode of Mio Nishizono's arc.

Short SummaryEdit

Riki wants Mio to be included among his friends, so he asks her to be the team's manager, which she ultimately accepts after initially thinking they were starting an all-male idol group. After practice, Mio brings everyone hot drinks and they exchanges phone numbers with her. The next day, the Little Busters get together to write tanka poems, but Mio leaves part of the way through. Riki finds her sitting under her usual tree, and after talking for a bit, Riki feels as if Mio wants to disappear. Riki tells Mio that he saw someone who looked like her in town, but she was no carrying he usual parasol. Before leaving, Mio tells him that she plans on submitting a tanka in a competition held at school. The next day, Mio does not show up at school, and Riki overhears his classmates saying they also saw a girl in town who looked similar to Mio. After school, Riki sees the girl standing below in the courtyard.

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Important EventsEdit

  • Riki asked Mio to be the group's team manager.
  • Riki saw someone similar to Mio but had no parasol in the town.

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  • This episode marks the starting point of Mio's arc.

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