Episode 20
Episode 20
English Ease Lovesickness
Kanji 恋わずらいをいやせ
Rōmaji Koiwazurai o Iyase
Release February 23, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Ease Lovesickness (恋わずらいをいやせ Koiwazurai o Iyase) is the twentieth episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on February 23, 2013.

Short SummaryEdit

Another mysterious letter arrives for Rin and Riki, telling them to ease the lovesickness of a second-year boy named Aikawa who likes Sasami. They start by asking Sasami what her hobbies are and the type of guys she likes, only to find out that she likes Kengo, though he has no interest in her. Aikawa is shocked to hear Sasami likes Kengo, but Rin urges him to sing a hip-hop song to Sasami with some original lyrics to imply his love for her. Aikawa accidentally messes up the last line in the song, leading Rin to suggest a three-way attack on Kengo to get Sasami to fall for Aikawa. However, this backfires and Kengo ends up taking down Aikawa. Sasami arrives on the scene, impressed by Kengo's athleticism. Aikawa decides to give up, and Riki later realizes that they merely have to ease the pain of his unrequited love to fulfill the request. Rin goes to apologize to Sasami, who ultimately agrees to hand over her email address after sympathizing with what Aikawa is going through. Rin gives her email to Aikawa, who thanks her for it.

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  • Riki and Rin received another letter containing their next task, which is to "ease the lovesickness of Aikawa who likes Sasami".

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Episode 20

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