Episode 22
Episode 22
English I'll Definitely Come Back
Kanji わたし、必ず戻ってきます
Rōmaji Watashi, Kanarazu Modotte Kimasu
Release March 09, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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I'll Definitely Come Back (わたし、必ず戻ってきます, Watashi, Kanarazu Modotte Kimasu) is the twenty-second episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on March 09, 2013. This is the second episode of Kud's arc.

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No news comes whether Kudryavka's mother is still alive, and travel is restricted to and from Tebwa to reduce risk of contamination from the exploded rocket engine. However, the Tebwan embassy sends Kudryavka a plane ticket so she can go to see if her mother is safe. Kudryavka is conflicted about going back to Tebwa because she had come to Japan to escape having dropped out of Tebwa's aviation school after half a year. Initially, Kudryavka decides to stay and throws away everything she had related to space, but Riki recovers the items and brings them back to her. Riki tells her that she can just be herself in chasing her dream of space, even if she cannot become a cosmonaut. Kudryavka admits that she wanted to see her mother and decides to go back to Tebwa. Before leaving, Kudryavka says goodbye to her friends.

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