Ivan Strugatsky
Kanji イワン・ストルガツキー
Rōmaji Ivan Sutorugatsukii
Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuru Ogata
English John Swasey
First Appearance
Anime Episode 21 - 50 Nautical Sky Miles

Ivan Strugatsky (イワン・ストルガツキー, Ivan Sutorugatsukii), (Иван Стругацкий) is Kudryavka's grandfather and Chernushka's father.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

His appearance differs in the anime and the manga. In the anime he is slender, has short grey hair and blue eyes. In the manga he is large and broad; has white hair and a beard.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ivan Strugatsky is a jewish Russian and was born in Kalingrad, Russia. He got a job for a Russian space agency Glavcosmos; for which he had to move to Tebwa, a former colony of the Soviet Union located in the pacific ocean which is developing its own space program. Later, he got a job which required him to travel all around the world; staying a few months to 2 years in every country.
He loves Japanese culture; because of this he married a Japanese wife and got a daughter, Chernushka and taught her Japanese culture and language. When Chernushka got a daughter, Kudryavka, she was too busy becoming a cosmonaut on Tebwa to raise Kudryavka; so she let her father take care of her. Ivan took Kudryavka with him around the world, making her live in many different countries for a short time. He also taught her Japanese culture and language.

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