This page features a list of all the episodes of the third season, Little Busters! EX, plus short summaries of them.

Episode Summary
EX 01

Secret Agent: Saya Tokido
While returning to pick up a notebook at his classroom during nightime, Riki is approached by a girl who urges him to flee. He does as she asks, but after hearing a gunshot, he turns back and finds an abandoned student ID. The next day, Riki returns the ID to Saya Tokido, a student from the same year as him, and later is invited by her to meet him at the rooftop. When Saya meets Riki, she declares that she must dispose of him, or the "Darkness Executives" may discover her identity. Saya then attempts to have Riki fall from the roof, but when Masato appears, Riki manages to escape by having his friend catch him. Believing it must be another of Kyousuke's pranks, Riki inquires him about the Darkness Executives, and his friend asks him to not involve himself with them, as not even Kyousuke can oppose them for the sake of Rin's safety. After Saya fails to kill him during two other occasions, Riki being saved in the nick of time by Kengo in one of them, she decides to ask for his help instead, revealing that her mission is to locate a "secret treasure" inside the school. The duo then look for clues together when they spot a mysterious contraption inside a classroom, and after Riki figures out how to activate it, a secret entrance is revealed. Riki and Saya then pass through the entrance, fleeing from the Darkness Executives who appear to attack them.
EX 02

The Two in the Labyrinth
Saya and Riki decide that before they venture any further to finding the 'treasure', they must first top up with supplies of foods and drinks, as they do not know what is ahead of them. They do some shopping and looking around town, which excites Saya, much to Riki's interest. Eventually they return to Saya's treasure hunt mission. After running into some trouble with the Darkness Executives, they find a bath, which Saya awkwardly undresses and gets into. They then have a picnic, when a sudden realization hits Riki that they had met before in the past, and had been in love.
EX 03
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Executives of Darkness
While Riki and Saya are walking through the dungeon, Riki is reminded of the fact that he was in love with Saya. However, Saya interrupts his thoughts, saying that he distracts him. At that moment, she trips and falls down.

Saya tells him that they need to pull a rope to advance to the next level; however the rope is located too high to reach, so Saya needs to stand on Riki and jump in order to pull the rope. However, they also need to defeat a gigantic golem in order to advance to the next level. While Saya is distracting the golem, Riki is trying to find a way to defeat it. Riki finds a sword, and taunts the golem to attack him. Saya climbs on the golem's head, and finds a key-hole on top of it. Riki throws the sword to Saya, who inserts it into the keyhole, which destroys the golem. However, Saya falls down and hurts her leg. Riki carries her to the next floor.

Saya confesses to Riki and tries to kiss him. Surprised, Riki does not accept the kiss. Saya says she will either kill him or kill herself because he rejected her, but Riki says he also loves her and kisses her.

Next level of the dungeon; Riki and Saya have to descent a slope using ropes. Saya almost falls because of her leg, but Riki saves her. They start talking about love, which embarrasses Saya and distracts her, which makes her fall down. However Saya seems unharmed, so they continue. Since now they are close to the treasure, Saya starts talking about the treasure and says it's not an ordinary treasure like money or gold. Riki guesses the treasure is a part of an UFO, but Saya thinks it's a time machine. They only have to defeat the leader of the Darkness Executives, Shun Tokikaze to reach the treasure, who arrives at that moment. Riki readies his gun, but Saya stops him, telling him that she needs to defeat him alone. Shun Tokikaze leaves, and Saya follows him. Riki tries to follow them but is blocked by bars. Saya promises that they will go on a date, and leaves.

Saya fights with Shun, but is killed. A game over screen is shown, and Saya says she already died 99 times. Saya chooses to "replay", and everything starts over again with Riki and Saya meeting again in the hallway.

EX 04

Someday, Somewhere...
It is revealed that Saya's father works as a doctor and while at work overseas, she was taken with him and she was given a manga which she treasured dearly. When she returned to her hometown, she met Riki and they played ball together until it started to rain. On the way home, a mudslide seemingly killed Saya, but not before she enters the artificial world Kyousuke created. She is repeating the same scenario, and dies every time, thus making Kyousuke rewind time. In one of the replays, Saya and Riki face Shun Tokikaze, the antagonist of the manga Saya loved so much, which, coincidentally, Saya is the protagonist of the same manga. Using Riki as a decoy, she defeats Shun and goes to the 60th floor of the basement to receive the treasure. In a flashback, Saya reasons with Shun to let her replay her scenario one last time, and, because in the manga, the treasure was not revealed yet, requests Shun to make the treasure a biological weapon. Arriving at the 60th floor, Saya locks herself in a room and Riki witnesses Saya shoot herself in the head. Riki then wakes up, and Kyousuke tells him that the Darkness Executives "jumped the gun" and that the treasure was a time machine. In the epilogue, it is revealed that Saya, back to when she was a little girl, did not die in the mudslide. She tells her dad of a dream that she had, and, when she later recovers, she goes outside to play with Riki.

EX 05
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Sasami Becomes a Cat
Riki notices a cat within the door of their classroom and asks Rin if it was actually her cat. Rin then tries to catch the cat but ends up chasing it. They find the cat with Sasami, and Riki asks if the cat is her pet, to which she responds that she hates cats. Komari says that Sasami found it outside. Later that night, Riki buys a drink from the school's vending machine while a cat approaches him. The cat then follows Riki until they reach Riki's room. When the cat attacked Masato with no warning, Kudryavka and Mio went to the room. Mio went to the room to get the book that she wants while Kudryavka was only accompanying her. In the middle of the night, Sasami tries to wake up Riki. When Masato was waken up by Sasami and Riki, Sasami returns to her cat form. When Masato tries to carry the cat so he can really tell it’s Sasami, Sasami then attacks Masato again with no warning, and then changes back to her original form. When Sasami was about to leave the room, she transforms back to her cat form. But this time, Riki now understands what Sasami was saying. Riki, along with Sasami try to know why Sasami is turning into a cat, then changes back to her human form. When Masato wakes up, Sasami then turns back to a cat, and starts to attack him again. Finally, Masato decides to leave the room until Sasami returns to normal.

Sasami asks Riki to lend his cellphone to Sasami, so she can contact her roommate. However when Komari answers, Sasami returns back into a cat. Sasami tries to communicate with her, but Komari instead tries to speak cat. The two of them went to bed. While Riki is thinking about why Sasami becomes a cat. Riki starts to look for help. He asks Rin for help, but then says she can’t do it. Sasami commands Riki to buy her a sandwich and a box of juice. Riki then tries to cheer up Sasami. After cheering her up, the two of them try to look for help. None of them understood Sasami. At the end of the day, Komari approaches Riki, and she says that she’s worried about Sasami. Riki then tells the truth, and Komari believed Riki. Later that day, Komari brought Sasami some clothes. Riki finds out that they’re living in an alternative world where these things become possible. Rin called Riki that Komari isn’t in her room.

EX 06

The Small World That Someone Wished For

EX 07
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Kanata's Secret

In order to aid in the development of the Little Buster's Baseball Club, Kyousuke requests that Riki assist the dorm head with some paperwork. After arriving, Riki is surprised to find Kanata, and soon after the dorm manager sets off on an errand leaving the two alone. After completing their work, Riki and Kanata discuss the necessity to protect those they care about. The next day, Riki continues to aid the dorm head. Kanata runs into the home economics classroom to extinguish a fire, where her clothing is drenched in water from a sprinkler system which reveals the scars from the beatings she received on her arms. She runs off into the yard, trailed by Riki and Haruka.

EX 08

Our Bonds

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