Little busters

Little Busters (リトルバスターズ Ritoru Basutāzu) is a group which is composed of a circle of friends, formed by Kyousuke Natsume.


Once a group dedicated to fighting evil and preserving justice, they are now doing anything like operations, pranks and challenges, all for each other. They are also playing baseball. The group is formed by five original members (in order of joining):

During the following years, when they are in high school, Kyousuke decides that the group will play baseball, but due to the lack of players in playing baseball, they recruit new members:

The group not only do pastimes, but they also help each other with their own personal problems.


Original Members

New Members


Visual Novel



  • Rin is the only female member out of the five original members of the Little Busters.
  • The five new members of the Little Busters are all girls.
  • The group name Little Busters is also the title name of the series.

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