Mad Suzuki
Kanji マッド鈴木
Rōmaji Maddo Suzuki
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Position Mad Scientist
Voice Actors
Japanese Kishio Daisuke
First Appearance
Anime Little Busters! OVA - I Will Protect The World Of Saitou!

Mad Suzuki (マッド鈴木 Maddo Suzuki) is the leader of the mad scientists. He appears in the OVA episode of the anime, to assist Mio Nishizono by giving her high-tech weapons.

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Mad Suzuki is the leader of the mad scientists of the science club. He has developed some high-tech weapons; such as a lightsaber and a mega bazooka. However, they need "nande yoku wakaranai points" (NYP) which at the school only Mio Nishizono possesses. If Mio has to fight in the battle game (after Mio's route is cleared in the visual novel); the mad scientists appear, measure her NYP and allow her to use one of their weapons in the fight; which give Mio a big advantage. He appears in the OVA of the anime.

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I Will Protect The World Of Saitou![edit | edit source]

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