Mask the Saitou

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Kanji マスク・ザ・斉藤
Rōmaji Masuku za Saitou
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Position Mysterious Masked Man
Voice Actors
Japanese Hikaru Midorikawa
First Appearance
Visual Novel Little Busters!
Anime Little Busters! OVA - I Will Protect The World Of Saitou!

Mask the Saitou (マスク・ザ・斉藤, Masuku za Saitou) is a mysterious masked man that appears in the Battle Sequence Minigame in the visual novel.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mask the Saitou can appear in the battle game of the visual novel when at least one character route is finished (excluding Rin). For this to happen, Riki must obtain the first rank in the battle game before Yuiko Kurugaya joins the Little Busters. If these conditions are fulfilled, and Riki reaches rank 1 once again, Mask the Saitou will appear in the battle rankings. As long as Riki is ranked 1, when he chooses to wander, Mask the Saitou will challenge characters just above him in the ranking, until he reaches rank 2 or 3, in which case he will challenge Riki. If he defeats Riki he will just disappear, but if Riki manages to defeat him, a special scene will be unlocked after the battle.
Mask the Saitou is one of the strongest opponents in the game - much stronger than the other characters. So unless Riki is very lucky, he must increase his stats by training, obtaining items and completing character routes in the game, so he can defeat Mask the Saitou. The "School Revolution Watch" is a very useful item against Mask the Saitou, which will decrease all his stats by 50. This item can be obtained by trading with the first person that got defeated by Mask the Saitou.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His real identity is Kyousuke Natsume.
  • It is possible for Mask the Saitou to be defeated, even by the girls. Especially Kudryavka Noumi is known to be able to defeat him, because her dogs still pose a threat to him.
  • The name Saitou is a recurring joke in Key media. Angels Beats has Fishing Saitou. Charlotte has Flying Saitou. Clannad also has a Saitou.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Umau, umau, umau!"

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