Refrain 02
Riki and Yuiko
English It Was Also Raining at That Time
Kanji そのときも雨が降っていた
Rōmaji Sono Toki mo Ame ga Futte Ita
Release October 12, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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It Was Also Raining at That Time (そのときも雨が降っていた, Sono Toki mo Ame ga Futte Ita) is the second episode of Little Busters! Refrain. It aired on October 12, 2013. It is also the second episode of Yuiko Kurugaya's arc.

Short SummaryEdit

After waking up, Riki learns from Yuiko that she was taking care of him while he was asleep and cannot shake the suspicion that the whole situation has happened with them in the past. Some time later, Kyousuke and the other boys point out that Riki is behaving strangely since his last encounter with Yuiko. Believing that he has fallen in love with her, they decide to have him lure the girls to the school building as they prepare a fireworks show for them, with instructions to find a way to get alone with Yuiko to set up the mood for his "confession". Wondering if he is actually in love with someone, Riki does as they say, but ends up alone with Yuiko by accident when the fireworks begin. The following day, Riki realizes that the same events of the previous day are being repeated as the date is also the same, June 20.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Important EventsEdit

  • Yuiko confessed that she likes Riki while inside the broadcasting room.
  • Kyousuke started Operation: Love-Love Hunters.
  • Riki noticed that June 20 has been repeated the next day.


Refrain 02


  • Yuiko confesses to Riki first, unlike in the Visual Novel, where Riki is the first one to confess.
  • Furthermore, Riki is still in trouble, knowing who he really likes, and he becomes confused if he is going to confess or not, when the plan goes active. In the Visual Novel, however, it is the other way around. It is Yuiko who becomes confused, and when they are in the broadcasting room, Riki confesses his love, while Yuiko does not answer directly at first.

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