Rin Natsume takes care of a lot of cats at her school, giving them food and playing with them. All of these cats are named after famous people.

List of Cats (School)[edit | edit source]

Lennon and Miles are the only ones which do not appear in battles

Note (*): Hitler doesn't appear in the anime; he is called Isoroku instead.

List of Cats (Rin's Grandfather's House)[edit | edit source]

When Rin escapes from her school to her grandfather's house during her route, she leaves her cats behind. However, she manages to gather new cats at her grandfather's house.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dorj weights 39 kg, making him heavier than Kudryavka Noumi. Rin can use him as a weapon in the battle mini-game. He knows the move "Earthquake" and can roll over opponents. He is voiced by Lia.

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