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Sasami Sasasegawa
Animation | Visual Novel
Sasami Icon
Kanji 笹瀬川佐々美
Rōmaji Sasasegawa Sasami
Birthday December 3 (Sagittarius)
Gender Female
Height 154cm
Weight 43kg
Size 78 / 54 / 81
Occupation Student
Position Girls' Softball Team Captain
Eleven Little Busters Member
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomoe Tamiyasu (Game)
Sora Tokui (Anime)
English Allison Sumrall
First Appearance
Anime Episode 01 - The Team Name is... Little Busters

Sasami Sasasegawa (笹瀬川 佐々美, Sasasegawa Sasami) is a schoolmate of the Little Busters and Rin's personal rival, as well as one of the main heroines in Little Busters! EX and the anime adaptation of the same name.


Sasami is an athletic girl who plays in the softball club. She has long purple hair in twin tails and her eyes are blue. The only difference in her school uniform is that she uses light purple stockings.


Sasami is a girl at Riki's school and is Rin's rival, but always gets along with her to make friends. Surprisingly, while Rin loves cats, Sasami is a devoted dog lover. Due to this, she will often get in a fight with Rin, though since she is the captain of the girls' softball team, she will send in three new team members first before she goes in herself; the three girls' names are: Yukari Nakamura, Rei Kawagoe and Sakiko Watanabe. Her name is thought to be a tongue twister, which even she manages to mix up.

The reason for her avoiding cats is due to the disappearance of her own cat Kuro during her childhood. In Sasami's route, which happens after the events in Refrain, Sasami's cat Kuro created a world similar to the Little Busters! world around the school, in order to meet Sasami one last time before dying.


  • Her name is usually spoken wrong by Rin. Sometimes, Sasami also speaks her own name wrong.
  • Despite having a serious rivalry with Rin, she still admires her.
  • She has a romantic interest in Kengo Miyazawa, but Kengo has no interest in returning her favor.
  • She is a classmate of Saya Tokido; both are students of class 2-A.
  • She is Komari's roommate.


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