Semicrystalline - Cover
Name Semicrystalline.
Kanji Semicrystalline.
Release July 27, 2007
Track Numbers 10 Tracks
Running Time 36:35
Album Type Arrange Album

Semicrystalline. is an arrange album which contains a selection of remixed songs from the Visual Novel Little Busters!


Semicrystalline. is an arrange album which contains a selection of songs from the visual novel Little Busters!, remixed by Rintaro Iwashita of PMMK. The album is otherwise composed, and produced by Jun Maeda and members of PMMK. The album came with the subtitle: "Little Busters! Original Arrange Album". This album was released as a bonus item, included with the limited edition first printing of the PC version of the game released on July 27, 2007 by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0032. As a result, it was not released for individual sale. Of the ten tracks on the one-disc album, eight are remixed background music from the game while the last two are remix versions of "Little Busters!" and "Haruka Kanata", two songs originally featured on the "Little Busters!" single. The last track, "Replicato", uses a portion of the ninth track "Haruka Kanata (Semicrystalline. Remix)" played in reverse.

Track List

No. Title Music Length
01. "Tonica" PMMK 1:35
02. "Little Busters! (Semicrystalline. Remix)" Jun Maeda 4:31
03. "Bugs (So Tiny)" Jun Maeda 2:52
04. "Tomorrow (So Artificial)" Jun Maeda 3:35
05. "Brother (So Quiet)" Jun Maeda 2:44
06. "Umbrella (So Old)" Manack 2:48
07. "Dive (So Fast)" PMMK 5:50
08. "Sister (So Lonely)" Jun Maeda 4:01
09. "Haruka Kanata (Semicrystalline. Remix)" Jun Maeda 7:31
10. "Replicato" PMMK 1:00

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