Yo. Due to personal reasons, my editing may seem inconsistent. As such, I can go several months without editing. However, I still try to look over the Wiki as much as I can.

To-do List[edit | edit source]

  • Screenshot and upload images of the episodes.
  • Add more quotes to the character pages.
  • Upload the rest of the CG portraits.
  • Upload soundtracks?

Opinions On Things In The Series[edit | edit source]

Favorite Character: Sasami, though I also really like Rin, Kurugaya, Kanata, and Saya.

Least Favorite Character: Out of the girls? Mio. Out of the males? Kengo.

Favorite Songs: Boys Be Smile, Alicemagic, Faraway, and Song For Friends.

Favorite OSTs: Parting Of The Boys, Waking Up In The Morning, Ring Ring Ring, and Slow Curve.

Other Wiki's[edit | edit source]

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